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The Erasmus+ project called "Better Before" is a collaboration between the coordinator of this project, the CNA (Centre national de l'Audiovisuel) and schools from 6 different countries (Luxembourg, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Spain and United Kingdom).

The aim of the project is to reinforce the socio-cognitive dimension of learning, by introducing the artistic approach in the social and political environment of the students. At a time, when the different historical-political contexts of the regions from which the students come, could provoke reactions of rejections and closure, an endogenous learning based on the artistic approach, should lean to an awareness of the values and achievements of the European construct.

The project participants will start to develop a critical mind, expand and broaden their knowledge in a political/historical sense and get to know how to use this, to better understand their environment. The project, which is a transnational European project, should promote common European values, foster social integration, enhance inter-cultural understanding and a sense of belonging to a community.

The meetings between the young people is then part of the artistic project of Mikhail Karikis, an international video/sound artist who is aiming to release the emotion between the collective, to question issues of political, historical and economic power.