From 10 to 16 November 2019, the third stage of the European project "Better before" took place in Larissa under the theme of the economic crisis in the Greek context.

In the presence of Professor Theodore Metaxas of the University of Thessaly, Greek students invited their European counterparts to reflect on the macroeconomic issues of the economic crisis using different simulations (Swot analysis of capitalist, socialist and communist Systems; Role games; Interactive debate).

The personal issues of the economic and financial crisis were explored through various workshops (life coaching, physical activity, tree planting).

Different visits (Meteora, Thessaloniki) also permitted to highlight the attractive potential of the region of Thessaly.

The week ended with a commemorative ceremony of the Greek student uprising in 1973 against the military dictatorship. The remembrance of these tragic events at Larissa's 6th Geniko Lykeio then allowed all participants to reflect on the importance of defending European values ​​beyond any political or economic threat.