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Visiting the harbor-city of Liverpool was a fun and interesting experience. The city has evolved a lot in the last 20 to 30 years and this has created a nice mixture between old and new, which makes Liverpool a modern urban-style city. The city is famous for its football clubs and for being the hometown of the Beatles. It was also the main hub for European slave trade for almost 400 years. This rich but also dark history can be discovered through various museums which makes Liverpool culturally stimulating as well. Alex Hüber (2A)

My first impression of Liverpool was very positive. I really liked the architecture, the mix between old, vintage and new modern constructions is extraordinary. Normally vintage and modern buildings do not form a good picture together, but in Liverpool these two forms of buildings form a harmonious picture. We visited a lot of galleries and museums and I learned a lot of different new things. Julie Marmann (3A)

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